Photo tour: Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon

Another reason van life is great: It’s easier — logistically and financially — to go on other adventures. We spent roughly a month hiking the length of Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail. This is the longest backpacking trip we’ve ever taken. (We hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail in 2014, which was a fraction of the length.) And though it was challenging, it… Read more →

Van life fitness and road trip exercises

Fact: Spending a lot of time in a vehicle isn’t good for physical fitness. One of van living’s big challenges is that driving equals sitting — and sitting is the new smoking. Even if you travel slowly and don’t drive long distances daily, van life is essentially one long, seated road trip. We’ve been struggling with staying fit since we set out. It was especially… Read more →

House-sitting guide for van-dwellers

We’re not talking about getting someone to watch your van for you. 😉 If you love travel and animals, have you considered house sitting? We’ve recently taken on more house-sitting assignments as a way to shake up van living. (As if van living weren’t exciting enough!) House sitting is a staple in the full-time traveler’s diet: it’s a way to earn free… Read more →

Minimalist van-dweller wardrobe part 2: women

Now that we’ve covered the minimalist van-dweller wardrobe for men, it’s time to focus on the ladies. Traditional gender expectations are that women care deeply about beauty and fashion, their closets and make-up bags brimming with the latest must-haves. These ideas are changing, but still exist. My favorite example of this is Amy Schumer’s skit “Say Fine to the Shirt” — a… Read more →

Full-time travel wardrobe for men

Minimalist van-dweller wardrobe part 1: men

It’s time to talk clothing. What does a nearly-all-season wardrobe look like for van dwellers? Ever since Chris and I lived out of our backpacks for a year in Latin America, we’ve been refining and perfecting our moderately minimalist, capsule wardrobe. We each have two milk crates (four total) for storing our clothes, outerwear, undergarments and shoes. Benefits of a Minimalist… Read more →