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How to travel and live in a van, from logistics to parking to gear.

Our 8 favorite campground meals

When you have a two-burner propane stove — and the occasional campfire — what are your meal options? We struggled with this when we first started van-dwelling. Most camping recipes involve preparing something in a full kitchen in a house, then reheating it at the campground. Or food for 8-year-olds who only eat hot dogs and hate vegetables. Regular cookbooks don’t… Read more →

I am a van-dweller. AMA!

If you’re not familiar with IAmA on reddit, it’s when someone says who they are and encourages users to AMA, or “Ask me anything.” It usually looks something like this: I am a van-dweller who has lived in a minivan-turned-camper for 2+ years while traveling full time. AMA There are so many questions we get about the miscellaneous ins and outs of… Read more →

Round up: Van-friendly foods

You live in a van and have unreliable refrigeration — or none at all. Which foods should you keep in your van? This is an adjustment for people used to house-dwelling. A fridge and freezer make perishables possible for longer. One thing we’ve noticed about folks our parents’ age is a love of buying lots of meat and stocking it… Read more →

Storing your van when you’re away

We’re spending a lot of time away from our trusty van Red Delicious this year. We went to Australia (where we rented a van) and we’re about to spend a couple months long-distance hiking in both the U.S. and England. This begs the question: What do you do to store your van safely when you’re away? 1. Leave your van… Read more →

Van life fitness and road trip exercises

Fact: Spending a lot of time in a vehicle isn’t good for physical fitness. One of van living’s big challenges is that driving equals sitting — and sitting is the new smoking. Even if you travel slowly and don’t drive long distances daily, van life is essentially one long, seated road trip. We’ve been struggling with staying fit since we set out. It was especially… Read more →

House-sitting guide for van-dwellers

We’re not talking about getting someone to watch your van for you. 😉 If you love travel and animals, have you considered house sitting? We’ve recently taken on more house-sitting assignments as a way to shake up van living. (As if van living weren’t exciting enough!) House sitting is a staple in the full-time traveler’s diet: it’s a way to earn free… Read more →