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Real talk about what makes van living great and not-so-great.

5 ways full-time travel changed us

Four years ago today, we left our home in San Francisco with two backpacks and our best friend Holly. And just a few weeks ago, we unceremoniously returned our minivan camper Red Delicious back into a regular ol’ minivan and moved to Santa Barbara.     We transitioned hard and fast into “normal” life: we have a “real” bed and “real”… Read more →

When to stop traveling full time

Red Delicious is retiring. That’s right: Beginning September 1, we will no longer be van-dwellers or full-time travelers. We’ll have been on the road for four years, with nearly three of them in our van. For those of you considering van life, do not despair! We have loved adventuring and do not regret van-dwelling at all. But we always said we’d do… Read more →

When van life sucks

Van life isn’t always fun. Hip Instagram portrayals make it seem like one long, perfect, carefree daydream. We think van living is pretty great… except when it’s not. Sometimes, van living sucks. Sometimes, you don’t wake up to ocean waves or a bucolic park — you wake up outside a Walmart. It’s really important to us to be honest with you… Read more →

Reflecting on two years of van life

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been living the van life for TWO YEARS. Here we are, about to embark in January 2015. So fresh-faced and full of anticipation!     Since then, we’ve put 53,000 miles on Red Delicious. We’ve visited breathtaking national parks, hiked hundreds of miles, said tearful goodbyes to our best furry friend, prepared countless meals… Read more →

Van life time-lapse

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! We’re writing from Eel Lake State Park, a little north of Coos Bay, Oregon. Sorry for the silence; we’d spent a month in California visiting family and friends and catching up on work. The weather is beautiful here, so we’ve brought the tent. On warm nights, we sleep outside. On cooler nights like tonight, we… Read more →