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Tips and tricks on how to make van living financially sustainable.

Insurance: protecting what’s in your van

Last Sunday, we drove back to our campsite ― and found it empty. After two years of traveling full time by van, someone finally jacked our stuff. The good news is we hadn’t left behind anything valuable. Our two-burner camp stove, two camping chairs, hatchet and two bundles of firewood were taken. Altogether worth about $100. Frustrating since we’re not made of money,… Read more →

Van dwelling: The cost of parking

How much does it cost to live in a minivan camper? Before we hit the road in Red Delicious, we researched this cost question but got few answers. A blogger even asked us this in an interview for Yahoo! about van dwelling. It’s the question on everyone’s mind! Most full-time travelers are tight-lipped about their income and expenses. (The Professional Hobo is an… Read more →

8 tips to save money while traveling

You don’t have to be rich to travel full time. I’m serious. It’s helpful to have savings and good credit as a safety net, but the rest is about creativity and mindset. Here’s how we’ve been able to make full-time travel financially sustainable. Tip #1: Focus on housing and transportation The majority of your budget, traveling or not, goes two places: housing and… Read more →

Mountains, mourning, and taxes

Mountains It’s the beginning of our second week in Asheville, North Carolina. We’re doing a lot better, mostly thanks to the kind words from our friends, family, and even total strangers. So thank you. Being up in the mountains — and doing a little digital detox — helps too. It’s so peaceful. We’ve been exploring, but I haven’t taken many photos. Even full-time travelers… Read more →